About Us

At Fintek Lifetrue Technology Private Limited; we are dedicated in bringing the best of the technologies to any of the needs by our client. 

We optimize our strong skillset from engineering creating innovative products. 

We are enriching our clients by offering solutions in High Quality products manufacturing from Consumer, Smart Lifestyle, Medical and Commercial domains.

With earned acumen from business domain, we position our self as trusted partner in product design, manufacturing or contract manufacturing needs with great eco-systems around product, partnerships and market.

Meet The Team​

Samir Kanadkhedkar

Mr. Samir Kanadkhedkar

Salil Bangale

Mr. Salil Bangale

Mr. Pranav Vaidya

Mr. Nitin Wayal

Mr. Omkar Rathkar

Manufacturing Capacity

We at Aurangabad have capacity that enable us supply Bulk Quantities of Oxygen Concentrators in 10 LPM 05 LPM model and Oxygen Mini Plants in Shortest possible time The facility is provided with Great Infrastructure & skilled Teams of Engineers that Ensure Great Quality Product is made just in time!

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