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About Vishudh

What is Vishudh?

  • Rapid Access to High Purity Oxygen Gas is Here!
  • Various Medical processes need High Purity-High LPM Oxygen !
  • We bring the Machine that gives you Oxygen Gas upto 95.6% Purity for your use.
  • The machine only runs on Electricity and no other input required.
  • This gives Medical Grade Oxygen!
  • Using Indigenous-PSA-Technology, we are happy to Serve you with this Product.
About Mix Waste Instant processing machine

Mix Waste Instant processing machine

  • Treats EVERY kind of waste from Wet-to-dry & Plastic-to-thermocol.
  • In Emergency : Dead Animals & biomedical waste can ALSO be treated.
  • Can be Installed in very small area.
  • Does not create any type of disturbance to neighbours. So can be installed in Sahaj Safai Kendra & make decentralized disposal units.
  • It has been studied that DDS (Decentralized Disposal System) safes environment & money both.
  • The models are available in Range of 1 TPD to 500 TPD
Fintek True Life

Product Features:


High Purity even at High Flow


Comply International Standards & Certified


Long life with very low or zero maintenance


High Purity Molecular Sieve


Great Electronics : Long life Performance


Self monitoring & data sharing!

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About Fintek Lifetrue

Fintek LifeTrue Technologies Private Limited is a Recognized Company working in Solid Waste Management Technologies along with
Dross Management Systems & Energy Solutions Private Limited with Deep Experience in Innovation around Waste Management. We have proven Engineering Excellence at Solid Waste Management & Gas Purification Technologies. Our Vision is to bring Technology Driven Value-Solutions for Government, Social, Consumer, Commercial & Industrial Segments.

People in society have their health affected and need equipment’s that will support them during Healing Process.
Our Vishudh Oxygen Concentrator will provide the necessary support just in right time period when the Healing is Expected!
Vishudh is easy to use at Hospital, Work & Living places.
The daily supply of the High Purity Gas would help patient recover with a faster recovery rates. We are happy to recognize the progress done by many of the clients!

Manufacturing Capacity

We at Aurangabad have capacity that enable us supply Bulk Quantities of Oxygen Concentrators in 10 LPM 05 LPM model and Oxygen Mini Plants in Shortest possible time The facility is provided with Great Infrastructure & skilled Teams of Engineers that Ensure Great Quality Product is made just in time!

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